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What Is EBOO

EBOO is like a dialysis machine that cleans the blood through a filter.  Blood proteins and fats easily pass through the filter but if they are loaded with toxins, pesticides, infections, and chemicals they get stopped by the filter.  Depending on your diet and lifestyle we all have these in our blood and should get rid of them.

The EBOO improves blood flow, cellular healing, and cellular oxygen utilization.  Clinical studies suggest that EBOO activates an immune response to infectious disease by stimulating it to kill viruses, fungi, and pathogenic bacteria.  It also improves the utilization of oxygen within the cells which reduces ischemia in cardiovascular diseases.  It can also release growth factors to help regenerate damaged joints and deteriorated discs.

Who Should Try EBOO

EBOO presents as an effective treatment option for a range of conditions, such as:

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Lyme disease

  • Mold toxicity

  • Chronic viral infections

If you're experiencing any of these conditions, EBOO could be a suitable therapy for you. We advise consulting your practitioner to determine if EBOO is appropriate for your needs. Please be aware that EBOO sessions must be arranged through one of our practitioners and cannot be scheduled by patients without a prior consultation.

What Happens During an EBOO Treatment

The EBOO treatment operates similarly to a standard IV procedure, with blood drawn from one arm and returned through the other to complete a circulation loop.

You'll observe the initial darkness of the blood as it exits one arm and traverses through the tubing into the machine. Within the machine, the blood undergoes filtration and receives oxygen and ozone infusion. As the oxygenated blood flows back into the body through the other arm, you'll notice its vibrant red hue, indicating successful oxygenation. This cyclical process continues for 45 minutes, ensuring thorough blood cleansing.

More About Ozone

Ozone, though perhaps lesser-known in the medical sphere, boasts a substantial history of utilization spanning several years. With approximately 3000 documented studies in medical literature, ozone has demonstrated efficacy and safety. Within the EBOO treatment, ozone plays a crucial role in eliminating viruses and other impurities from the bloodstream that may have evaded filtration.

The primary advantages of ozone therapy encompass:

  • Natural detoxification properties

  • Natural antiviral, antibiotic, antifungal, and antiparasitic capabilities

  • Natural enhancement of the immune system

  • Regulation and reduction of inflammation

  • Mitochondrial function enhancement

  • Enhancement of blood quality

After Treatment

We're thrilled to be one of just three facilities in Idaho equipped with the EBOO technology, marking a significant advancement in our healthcare offerings.


Following the EBOO treatment, the filter becomes saturated with toxic residue extracted from the blood. While the body naturally filters blood through the liver and kidneys, an overload of chemicals, pesticides, and toxins can overwhelm these organs, leading to the accumulation of harmful substances in vital areas like the brain and heart.

By subjecting the blood to external filtration and super-oxygenation, a notable surge in energy and well-being is often experienced, alongside a reduction in the overall toxic burden on the body. Patients frequently report immediate positive sensations post-treatment, including improved breathing and mental clarity.


Gem State Infusion has been at the forefront of ozone therapy in our area since 2022, with a track record of successfully treating numerous patients.

We're truly enthusiastic about extending the benefits of EBOO to our patients. Please book for a free phone consult to see if you qualify for this amazing service!

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